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This is a place where you can discuss both the anime and manga series and share your knowledge of the series. BAKURETSU TENSHI, known in English as Burst Angel, is the Japanese name for this series created by Gonzo.

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  • Burst Angel Heavenly Moon Burst Crimson: This is a short preview video, by Ugetsu Hakua, at the end of the Burst Angel OVA. The song shows the characters in the future, including Jo, Sei and Maria alive. (Note: Try not to get your hopes up and start to look for a new season for the series; you will NOT find one, this is just a small 2 to 3 min song preview)

BAKURETSU TENSHI[edit | edit source]

A 24 episode long anime series that focuses on the adventures of Meg, Jo, Sei, Amy, and Kyohei Tachibana in the near future of Tokyo.

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